12 October 2011


Harvest moon
hanging low
tell me where
I ought to go.

Better as two lines?  Part of something bigger?  As is?


  1. Better as is than as two lines, I think. I couldn't offer an opinion about something bigger, not without seeing it. It's spare but it works as is. It might be better as part of something bigger... Or perhaps not...?

    And the title puzzles me - Why is the post titled lost?

  2. Because that's the title? (I am always willing to accept title suggestions, for they are not my strong suit. :)

  3. I'm wondering why is the title lost if the moon is telling you where to go... But...

    Now that I think about it again, that's not as contradictory as I was thinking it was. So, nevermind.

  4. All comments and questions are certainly welcome. :)