31 December 2015

thoughts at the end

was for writing
for reminding myself that
even though it was not my best year in any other way
I still wrote more
than the year before,
and if that is not a success,
what is?

30 December 2015

fractured prose

The shameless self-promotion 
from the Facebook group read, 
'Looking for the perfect 
CHRISTMAS PRESENT for that friend 
or relative who loves poetry 
and laments the fact that modern 
"poets" have abandoned it 
for fractured prose?' I was
inexplicably delighted by
this accurate characterization 
of what I write, as if it had
no value or purpose or reason
for existing when, for me, 
it represents how I think
with my bent toward narrative
prose combined with my fractured 
concentration and attention 
span because of the pain 
and the sleeplessness
it causes, so thank you,
disparaging and dismissive
and self-righteous poet busy
flogging your own obviously 
superior form of writing, for
unintentionally presenting me 
with the gift of words 
to accurately describe 
my own.  : )