31 October 2015

28 October 2015

falling faster

Did you see the sky today, Brother Wolf?
Clouds on clouds grey on grey as trees bled out
leaves from fatal wounds of coming winter.

27 October 2015

attack of the zombie leaves

autumn crawls deeper 
into buildings leaves 
ghost in on the cold 
breath of the wind seeking
the remembered warmth of 
summer not creepy at all

26 October 2015

ghosts of autumn

leaves creep toward warmth
ghosts of autumn drifting in
not creepy at all

25 October 2015

I never really wear jewelry

I never wear jewelry
because it's not practical
to wear it with a wrist brace

today I wore jewelry
it didn't stop the pain or
even make it better, but

the green beads were beautiful
handmade for a living wage
in South America, so

this is how I can fight back
against what I'm not quite sure,
but it still feels important

24 October 2015

Saturday questions

  • Who cuts themselves with eggshells? Under their fingernails? Seriously?!
  • Why must foods high in iron taste uniformly gross? Perhaps because I taste it every day as it goes down the back of my throat when my nose tries to bleed but can't because of the swelling from the allergies and the deviated septum from the 6th time I broke my nose?
  • Why does winning something feel so nice, even if it isn't something you really want or need? I'm sure the folks I share it with will appreciate my good fortune. : )
  • Why do I still laugh so hard at good burping stories? Burping. Heh.

23 October 2015

Suddenly, autumn

the leaves have fallen, Brother Wolf,
trees bedraggled and beautiful
as rain drips softly, on and off,
wind gently prods now-bare branches
mourning summer's fallen playmates
regretfully swirling the dead

22 October 2015

temptation to do

In light of the dizziness, swelling, poor wound healing, brain foginess, pain flare-up, thyroid struggling, cold-intolerance, anemia, and my inability to grasp anything (literally or figuratively), one could argue that I might be overdoing it and should use my day off to, oh, I don't know, rest and NOT try to DO ALL THE THINGS, since that do-things strategy seems to not be working for me very well. At least it will be raining. Lying on the couch watching the rain seems to be about my speed right now. Must resist temptation to do . . .

21 October 2015

20 October 2015

19 October 2015

18 October 2015

the poem about the dead deer (attempt 18?)

ruin of Monday morning first
day of autumn weather doe curled
impossibly graceful dead with
startling boneless acceptance
that only the shattered display

12 October 2015

11 October 2015

when you are happy your thyroid is failing (again)

My thyroid is on the ropes again.  Yay!  I'm excited about this because

  • I noticed and got it checked (eventually, dang brain fog)!
  • I wasn't making it up; it's worse than ever!
  • it might be related to one of the numerous new allergy meds I've been trying to get off decongestants on the off chance I will then sleep better!

These are all good things (more or less) because the sudden weight gain and enormous increase in joint pain and other symptoms have a reason now and are not a signal that my body is tired of all this crap and has given up.  See?  Yay!  And if they were caused by a med (and I have a culprit in mind already), then maybe I can get my thyroid working again like I did the last two times and won't have to go on a med for it forever yet.  Hope springs eternal!  (But has to be cautious of increased dizziness and on the alert for overdoses that lead to heart problems.  Really noticeable and obvious heart problems.)


10 October 2015

09 October 2015

every fall they come

how do I destroy
drain flies of autumn swarming
in my house this fall

05 October 2015

02 October 2015

01 October 2015