24 February 2015

these small acts of self-sabotage

Why is it that I seem to be most compelled
to write when I am in more pain and know
that writing will make the pain worse?  I am
so ornery sometimes.  Are these small acts
of self-sabotage or attempts at redemption?

22 February 2015

I'm sure it has nothing to do with my clumsiness

How is it
that in any
bottle of
with an even
number of
pills I need
to take 2 of
I always end
up with a
single pill?

when the magic happens

Why must it always snow only
when I cannot look properly?  It's
only when I'm driving or at work
or lying in bed calmly despairing
of sleep (and sometimes even
sleeping) that the magic happens.

03 February 2015

the tree in winter

I've told you about some of the house
problems, but have I told you about
how beautiful the tree out front is even
in winter?  Those dark, sharp, gnarled
branches and their deep burgundy jewel
berries and the long shadows they cast
from the streetlight just next to them
in the thaw or on soft snow glittering
like tiny diamonds takes my breath
away every single night I live here.