30 April 2016

29 April 2016

early days

I like the early days
of budding spring when blooms
are hidden splashed random

28 April 2016

27 April 2016


  • Creator
  • Future Seer
  • Present Doer
  • Fire Bringer
  • Savior of Man
  • Defier of Gods
  • Consequence Sufferer
  • Helper Even In Chains
  • First Civil Rights Activist?

26 April 2016

25 April 2016

23 April 2016

is hope like this?

the way the tree appears
completely without life
today but could sprout buds
tomorrow if you wait

22 April 2016

return of shade

tree-cast bone shadows
grow into shade once again
spring comes with intent

21 April 2016

will spring come to my tree this year

lonely sound 
of bare tree
in constant
each other
like children
left in the back 
seat too long

20 April 2016


for Liz

haze of green new growth
outlining Mississippi
River banks: golden

19 April 2016

when it is enough (exercise and chronic pain)

Ask yourself,
"Is is enough?"

and if you think
"I could do more,"

stop before 
it is too much.

18 April 2016

view from the deck floor

plane flies close to the moon
birds and frogs check in

summer breeze rattles winter 
bare bones of trees
unencumbered by new growth

clouds drift by at different
speeds at different heights

tiny bugs dance between me 
and the sky      the sun sets
with little fanfare and the moon
grows brighter

can anyone 
ever do just 
one thing

17 April 2016

winter bare bones

breeze whispers summer
while rattling the winter
bare bones of my tree

13 April 2016

11 April 2016


we watch buds sprout past
one dead leaf that won't let go
spring is bittersweet

10 April 2016


every warm day
in April should be treasured
frost comes tomorrow

09 April 2016

how do you look away

Seasonal Clearance!
Condensation Closeout!
End of Season Sale on Snow!
Everything Must Go!

The sky is using
all remaining
winter inventory 

Small, hard, pellet snow, check!
Medium, dry, shaken snow globe snow, check!
Medium, fluffy, sedately swirling snow, check!
Big, wet, sloppy snow, check!

How do you look away from this 
beautiful spring chaos?

08 April 2016

the first snow (April 8)

tiny hard styrofoam pellet snow 
tapping down en masse
shows through darkened glass 
as frantic darker grey on gray
and piles up in the grass

07 April 2016

when living in the darkness

She talks about how there is no
faith tradition for evangelicals
to follow in the times when one
is living in the dark.  True.
Disciplines and rituals aren't
for evangelicals.  Emotions are more
important and true than
"smells and bells", and where
does that leave those
deep in dark depression
who feel
False.  This
is why it's important to tell true stories
of our times in the darkness,
for truth is light and hope, and hope
in the midst of darkness is
sometimes the only
gift of love we
can give
each other.

06 April 2016

Wondering how much sleep will be enough

How many nights of better sleep will be 
enough to make up for eleven years of 
not enough?  How many nights will my 
brain take to reset and my body to heal 
and finally 
feel rested?

05 April 2016

04 April 2016

not lost yet

snow floating past buds
on winter bare trees whispers
we have not lost yet

03 April 2016


we watch through windows
rain falls from clouds far away
on someone else's heads?

02 April 2016

01 April 2016

reasons for the quest

to sleep, perchance to dream
and to remember dreams,
to remember anything at all
really, to clear out some of this
fog, to be able to choose to live
in the moment instead of being
reduced to it, to see more clearly
and be present more fully, to
be able to cope and not cry all
the time over nothing and every
thing, to be part of community
to serve instead of being served
or hiding or running and stumbling
to be more fully awake to the
world as the seasons turn and I
grow older with the world because
even though it's scary and possibly
dangerous, maybe this time it will
work, and I can begin to heal if
I do not give up and lose all hope