08 April 2014

Seller's Market

The day after I lost
the first house I let
myself really love,
the email says,

"Please let me know
if you would like to see
any of these homes."
And I want to say something

impolite to the email because
right now I don't want to see
any homes I might love and will
lose because I just don't have

what it takes to win this game
and my hope is bruised and
broken and may never recover,
but thank you for asking, email.

07 April 2014

hope when it forgets

hope springs eternal when
it forgets how low the
ceilings are and it has
memory problems anyway
because it can't sleep
long enough to remember

06 April 2014

Possibly a red-bellied woodpecker drunk on spring

It stopped me cold
an unexpected bird
smack dab in the middle
of the sidewalk. Orange
hat classy black and
white checked feathers
breathing hard and fast
in gasps neck twisted
to the left long sharp
beak unmoving.  It is
spring and I imagine
this giddy fellow just
learned that this area
may look like air but
the glass around the
parking garage is bad
to discover head first.

05 April 2014

only offered 95

sometimes it's hard
to tell the difference
between subconscious wisdom
and subtle acts of self sabotage

04 April 2014

For your shopping amusement

I love the way it looks when the birds of prey
perch on the light poles over the highway
dangerous and ready.                        
The seagulls 
perched on the light poles in the grocery store 
parking lot like ugly hats just look ridiculous.

03 April 2014

the problem with excellence

Once you have seen
excellence, it's hard
to go back to
good enough.

02 April 2014

To Don't

I want
to lie
like a cat
in the
and the
as 24 hours
pass by
in them
I need
to do.

01 April 2014

Chant of the overcommitted and chronically pained

              I will wash you
               I will fold you
              I will read you
              I will match you
              I will dust you
              I will sweep you
              I will scrub you
              I will bask in you
              I will rest on you

if I make it through
this week