19 September 2016

winds of autumn

maybe the wind
always swirls but
only the leaves
of autumn make
me notice

12 September 2016

if you still loved me sometimes

what I
would like
to know 
is if
still loved me
even when
you hated

all the dragonflies of summer's end

nothing will prevent 
the ending of summer

yellow dragonflies
cannot slow it
red dragonflies
cannot stop it
green dragonflies

watch it go

10 September 2016

Only touched by memory

Wasps and yellow jackets starving
in late summer, even their crawling
brings pain be still anyway
Again something settles so lightly
heavy wings brush my leg minutes
before I get the courage to look
Golden dragonfly perches, wind
flutters tickling wings until I am
clumsy only touched by memory

09 September 2016

the weight of books

the only thing that
keeps me anchored to the couch
is books, books, and books

03 September 2016

Grimly curious

we'll find out 
how many things 
on the to-do list 
can be done from 
the couch with 
only one knee 
properly elevated 
and resting