31 May 2013

a case of mistaken visibility

Since I got my hair cut, I must look
like someone else where I work
because a lot of strangers are
smiling/nodding/saying hi in that
and-work-closely-with way. 
Or else maybe
I accidentally
trimmed off
part of my
invisibility cloak.

the hunter sprawls, limp

the hunter watches
sprawled on his heavenly couch
waiting for winter

the scent of heaven

Between the allergies and too many broken noses,
I miss out on many things, but even my battered
sense of smell can tell that

extravagantly blooming

must give off something
very close
to the scent
of heaven.

Charles Baxter once said the world could use more tenderness

I could go in stomping and snorting and pushing myself past my so-lowered limits again, but that doesn't work.  It didn't work last week.  It won't work this week.  This is a task that calls for delicacy, sensitivity, tender care of self, and concentrated attention, and I am not very good at those things, especially right now.  I remind myself that I love a challenge (in theory) and that I can't just keep galloping full-speed ahead as I have been because that didn't work, isn't working, won't likely ever work again.  Patient and tender attention to me and the now immediately around me: this is what I need.  Harder than self-destruction in small doses any day.

pleasantness and paranoia

In their records, the doctors
keep describing me as pleasant. 
I guess I'm glad.  I wonder
what they write when people
aren't pleasant?  Not that I'm being

a study in greens

Has anyone done a study
to find out if the greens
of spring are actually more
vibrant hues, a different set
of shades of jubilant greens,

or is it just that
compared to all
the browns and
greys, this sudden

explosion and surfeit of green
nearly hurts the eyes with its
present, verdant vibrancy?

another perfect day for rainbows

Today was a perfect day for rainbows,
But I didn't see a single one.

The Merry Month of May (Hiatus)

Sorry, I've been on a bit of a blog hiatus this month.  I was putting together a personal health record (PHR) by trying to pull together all the information from my various health care providers over the recent  (sometimes nightmarish) years.  How did I survive 2009?  Seriously.  It's been . . . challenging to say the least.  To all the folks who use one of these blogs to be sure I'm still alive (ha ha), sorry if May was a white-knuckled month for you.  In June, we shall hope to be back to our regularly scheduled blogram.