18 February 2017

gutter glaciers retreating

Watched torrents
of meltwater reduce
the gutter glaciers
of winter and sat
in the sun without
my coat while a fly
staggered around
on my sleeve, which
was also unsteady
because I think we
were both a little
blissfully baffled and
drunk on spring
in February.

14 January 2017


waiting for the day
when we can hug, and you walk
beside me again

11 January 2017


Until you can see
again, I'll write poems
you can't read that
are really prayers because
even though you don't
believe anymore,
I still do.

06 January 2017

to the wounded one

How are you doing,
wounded Brother Wolf?
Praying you have found
a cave to rest in
curled up surrounded
by warmth and peace of
some sort while you heal.

03 December 2016

the blessings of blogging

How amazing it is
that when I will be reading
my work in public, even if
I have been in too much pain
to write much for months,
I can come
and find
so much wealth
to plunder.

19 September 2016

winds of autumn

maybe the wind
always swirls but
only the leaves
of autumn make
me notice

12 September 2016

if you still loved me sometimes

what I
would like
to know 
is if
still loved me
even when
you hated

all the dragonflies of summer's end

nothing will prevent 
the ending of summer

yellow dragonflies
cannot slow it
red dragonflies
cannot stop it
green dragonflies

watch it go

10 September 2016

Only touched by memory

Wasps and yellow jackets starving
in late summer, even their crawling
brings pain be still anyway
Again something settles so lightly
heavy wings brush my leg minutes
before I get the courage to look
Golden dragonfly perches, wind
flutters tickling wings until I am
clumsy only touched by memory

09 September 2016

the weight of books

the only thing that
keeps me anchored to the couch
is books, books, and books

03 September 2016

Grimly curious

we'll find out 
how many things 
on the to-do list 
can be done from 
the couch with 
only one knee 
properly elevated 
and resting

29 August 2016

Today's faint praise

Today I am grateful
my knee gave out
5 steps from my door
not further away

22 August 2016

One of those days

after the third bruise
it's time to call it a day
to prevent further harm

15 August 2016

August clouds

I can't tell you how
beautiful the clouds are now 
August goes too fast

14 August 2016

Guilty Pleasures

Tiny Adorable Dog cries alone
heart broken, and I take this chance
to lie on the deck without having
to inhale their cigarette smoke

10 August 2016

07 August 2016

06 August 2016

04 August 2016

07 July 2016

fear and rage

Already they have begun to spin
to twist the story into its usual shape
formerly familiar, suddenly terrifying
because how many others have we
dismissed because this was the only
story told:  armed black man
shots were fired              handgun
recovered at the scene.

How many times did we not know
the details not reported by police accounts
routine traffic stop      child in the car
first aid not immediately rendered
complying with police request  for
license and registration when shot
by police for moving while carrying
a declared and legally permitted weapon?

This story doesn't make sense.  I don't
 want it to be true of this incident in a place
I know and have been let alone other places
I don't know for other people innocent
of any capital  crimes.

How many times have people
gotten away with murder hiding
behind this traditional narrative
we have accepted, all important
facts warped to fit its shape, slicing
off the overhanging edges of truth
with the  careless knife of power?

How terrifying this is, this proof
that even if you do everything right -
young, employed steadily, out with 
your family getting ready to celebrate
your birthday - if you are a black man, 
this is how that day in your life can end:  
you dead because someone 
felt threatened because you 
were doing what they 
told you to do, what you 
were supposed
to do, so what
are we supposed
to do now?

14 June 2016


thunder, lightning flash
clouds so low they brush your face
summer is coming

08 June 2016

19 May 2016

unsteady walks

no one cards for this
so easy to be drunk on spring
don't know my limit

13 May 2016

Feeling grey

Green is bursting forth
Missed week of walks in the woods
leave us feeling grey