28 August 2013

Things not to do before bed because they are not relaxing

Things not to do before bed because they are not relaxing
  • Read John Scalzi's Whatever blog
  • Catch up on email
  • Read anything about your alma mater continuing to embarrass itself
  • Do anything on Facebook
  • Read any comments on anything on the internet
  • Look at houses you can't afford or houses in neighborhoods you can't live in
  • Add your own thing here

another good thing about working 10 hour days (aside from being employed, which is great)

A good thing about working
10-hour days is that, if it is this
hot outside, by the time you 
leave work, the temperature is 
less dreadful, and you don't 
have to overload the power grid
with your AC quite as intensely.

ways to drown out the shouty people

Ways to drown out the shouty people in your apartment building when you want to relax and enjoy your days off work
  • Play opera music loudly (even if all the ones you need to listen to have Kiri Te Kanawa, who is not your favorite soprano)
  • Play your favorite fighting anime loudly
  • Keep the AC on constantly
  • Other suggestions that are actually relaxing?

on ode to back porches (the one I can't write)

I want to write an ode to back porches
because it's not possible for there to
be too many praises for such places,
but I can't remember how to write one,
and I'm too lazy to get up off this
padded porch furniture from which I watch
the grass growing when I open my eyes.

22 August 2013

against the dying of the light

There is still a month of summer left
technically, but the longest day is two
months behind us, and I am half-sick
of shadows already, trying not to sulk
or rage against the dying of the light.

20 August 2013

A good reunion

My voice today
is still a little bit
hoarse from talking
to people I love
but only see once
a year or even less
frequently, and that
is one way to tell it
was a good reunion.