19 May 2016

unsteady walks

no one cards for this
so easy to be drunk on spring
don't know my limit

13 May 2016

Feeling grey

Green is bursting forth
Missed week of walks in the woods
leave us feeling grey

07 May 2016

He asks is this fun

We are on the train
because he wanted to ride.
He asks, "Is this fun?"

05 May 2016

sun dogs

I am glad these things
have names even if I won't
recall what they are

04 May 2016

wisdom here

when you watch, you can't
listen, when you listen, you
can't watch: wisdom here

03 May 2016

signs of spring

roadside tennis shoe
always alone, while pairs and
signs of spring abound

02 May 2016

01 May 2016

full of hopes

Don't give up for dead
trees that haven't bloomed quite yet
May is full of hopes