31 March 2013

above the road

Why does the moon seem
so much larger when it hangs
above the road?

26 March 2013

24 March 2013

playing snow

snow falls
crawls up the
tree branches until
it's too much and they
roll and fall like campers
unfamiliar with the top
bunk and plop to the 
ground breathless
and laughing

why old people turn their cars so slowly

I think I am finding out why old people turn their cars so slowly.  If they're anything like me, and they are tearing at the seams, a hard or even moderately fast turn--especially over a jouncing entry point not on the level with the street--changes the vectors or shifts the inertia or some other science-y force-related thing, and it puts pressure on joints that can no longer bear pressure without complaint.  So if you are ever feeling irritated at elderly people taking their sweet time making that turn off the street at 2 miles per hour, have some sympathy for the irritation their joints feel even at that slow crawl.

a second tear is diagnosed

I did not expect this
gradual tearing like
some delicate
piece of lace or
late autumn leaves
or the wings of
butterflies and

17 March 2013

practice makes perfect

maybe life is practice letting go
because there's nothing
you can hold on to when you leave

March waltz

ice forming on puddles of meltwater as the shade
stretches out as the sun goes down

spiky points of crystal scabbing over

05 March 2013

finally rest

Between the emergency 
sirens, the night is silent 
as snow falls with 
single-minded intent:
to cover everything 
and then finally