26 January 2011

one of those days

I hate

Confirmation that I am a young fogey

When I got back home after the holidays, I had a lot of mail waiting for me.  Menards was having a big sale.  I sat on my floor drooling over . . . the recliners.  Yes, rocking recliners in at least one non-hideous color!  I wanted one soooooo bad. 

No matter that I
  • couldn't justify it in my budget
  • couldn't transport it from the store
  • couldn't actually fit it in my little 385 square foot cave. 
I wantssssss ittttttt.  So soft and rocky and lovely.  I could make it fit.  I could drag it home with a rope.  Rocky and soft.  My own, my precious . . .

Sometimes I hate being a practical adult with a modicum of self control.

24 January 2011

09 January 2011

An amazing thing that happened


My computer restarted. 

Yes, that sentence got its own paragraph because this event is a miracle!  My computer hasn't restarted in years, not since Windows SP2.  I've been told by numerous computer folks that there's no reason why it won't restart, but reason never stopped my technology from forging ahead in the discovery of new frontiers of glitchiness.  This time it did one of those auto downloads of Windows updates that requires a restart, and instead of showing a black screen of death, it actually truly started again.  Whoa.

What can I say?  It's one of my (many) useless minor super powers, such as always choosing the wrong checkout line.  I wonder if it was a passing thing or if it will actually happen again . . .

04 January 2011

time travel snow

the kind of snow that
makes you dizzy if
you look up
as you're walking

no real wind to speak of
so the specks
descend slowly and dance
on tiny currents of air
you can't see until
you can't walk straight
unless you look straight
down to avoid being
hypnotized by the unhurried
deliberate randomness

tipped over into some
other dimension where
only the falling snow

01 January 2011

And so it begins: 2011

I was afraid no thaw would come, and we'd be stuck with 15 foot high piles of snow at every corner by March.  And then, weird weather to the rescue.  We had rain and thaw for several days.  Late on New Year's Eve, it refroze.

Why do people think staying up to watch a new year start is so special?  I'm too tired.  I stayed up anyway because of my insomnia, but still. 

On a positive note, this means I was able to enjoy the incredibly loud drunk man who greeted everyone who came into the building with some variation of "Happy, Happy New Year!" starting at 1 am and stopping just a few hours ago.  Maybe he wasn't actually drunk . . .

How's your new year going so far?