20 January 2014

41 cent Yoda stamps

Postage is going up soon, and today is a vacation day. I did the cleaning Saturday and the resting Sunday, so today, I think, is a good day to write letters, so I can someday be through the remaining 41 cent Yoda stamps and on to 42 (and eventually the 44 and 46 and the forever stamps for which I don't have to pay supplemental postage). I wonder if it's a good plan not to start until after the impossible snow stops falling.  You never quite know with impossible snow how long it is going to last.

other impossibilities

the weather guessers say:
0% chance of precipitation

today as I sit and watch

the impossible snow falling
praying for other impossibilities

14 January 2014

to the three

To the three kind folks
who saved me when
I was wracked
upon a tricksy
ninja curb
as snow:


07 January 2014

today the winter dancers

the trees are extra dramatic
leaning lunging lounging
all horizontal surfaces
coated in white

04 January 2014

"Mitochondrial Fatigue"

This diagnosis makes me
want to read not Google
or WebMD but A Wind
in the Door by L'Engle
because the mitochondrial
problems there were solved
by singing if I remember
true and I want this all to
be healed by singing too.