30 June 2013

another weekend

Now ends another weekend
when I didn't catch up on email,
didn't write enough, didn't read
enough, didn't sleep enough,
didn't make it to church, didn't
do enough research, didn't
cross enough things off the list,
did spend time with loved ones,
did get a bit sunburned, did have
ice cream, did the dishes AND
the laundry, did exercise and
watch clouds and play with kids
and think too hard about things
while reading a book that didn't
have the depressing ending I
was expecting

25 June 2013

love allergy

snow falling in June
thinking of you sneezing now
cottonwoods drifting

16 June 2013

the only thing that's good about snow in April

the only thing that's good
about snow in April
is the poetry

sunlight in April

sunlight licks the frosting off the treetops
sloppily spilling globs of snow
to shower all that is below

from April, with snow

It's hard to go inside today to work when outside all the trees are coated with thick, wet snow, lovely clothing, unfortunately so temporary until the wind picks up or the sun comes out or gravity wins.  Someone was out skiing yesterday or this morning, and the track leads right past the door in to work.  A single bird is warbling cheerfully; all the others are huddled under cover, confused at this unsprung spring.  At least the snow keeps the geese away.

happy to hear the birds

It is 10:47 am, and I am
already exhausted
but still happy
to hear birds
the return
of spring.

scabs and life

I am not used to scabs.  Now that I have one again, I find myself wondering if one of the reasons that Neosporin and a band-aid work so well to leave less scarring is because they soften the scab, protect it from being a hard thing sharp enough to cut and tear itself and the skin it is protecting.