25 December 2014

The 12 months of 2014: A sort of Christmas letter?

WITH NO RESPECT TO MAKING IT SCAN CORRECTLY or making the numbers really match, here is my year in review.  If I write more about a topic, I'll link to that post from below, and I'll keep changing the date of this post, so this will be at the top.  Probably.  Keep checking back or wait until December 31st.  The choice is yours!  (And thanks for stopping by. : )  Purple bolded text indicates there was something added to that entry most recently.
  1. twisted ribcage: There were a lot of snowstorms last winter . . . 
  2. oratorio performances (pub sings, music-y funtimes):  Less than a month and a half after #1, I was singing two performances of an oratorio . . .
  3. houses outbid on (or why the elderly are my tribe but won't accept me): It was such a seller's market.
  4. plasma donations
  5. uneven subfloors
  6. months house hunting and not enough reading books
  7. writing drafting readings
  8. small group departures
  9. doctors appointments: (Short catch-up story - got hurt working for TSA after I graduated from college and have been dealing with chronic pain and poor health since then.)  I've given up on getting anything like justice from my former employers, and now it's all about trying to figure out how to live with the pain and be as healthy as I can with the resources I have.  Pain.
  10. terrible green sludgies
  11. pilot lights out
  12. months unpacking: Found house.  Packed in a month.  Will unpack over the following 12 months.

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