20 August 2011

Out again? Alas . . .

 I am almost out of ibuprofen.  Again.  It's discouraging.

Can you identify the item in question from this lineup?

 I always hope each new bottle of ibuprofen will be the last.  It never has been.  I started collecting them in 2007 in case a photo op like this one arose.

Yes, I'm having too much fun with this.

Some day, when the ibuprofen bottle I buy is the last, will I be able to type novels-worth of words again when I desire? 

Maybe.  Or maybe I won't be pain-free until I get to heaven.  That could be a long time.  And a lot of ibuprofen.  Sigh.

. . .


  1. It is perhaps not helpful... But I know what that feels like. I don't know that I have any great comfort or insight to offer, but I do know.

    I remember the bottles... I never did try to keep them, I just got rid of them. I went through two or three of that size in about... 2 years, maybe..?

  2. I finally threw them away, now that I've taken the picture. :)