03 August 2011

Inhabiting new spaces

What I know about my new apartment:
  • I have some very kind neighbors who help without even being asked.  (Some of them even before I pass them looking pathetic.)
  • It's easier to like my neighbors when I have the AC on because then I can't hear them.
  • The sliding toilet seat of doom will either improve my posture or destroy my sanity.
  • I don't mind sleeping on the floor, and neither does my back.
  • Over 90 degrees with matching humidity is a bit of a chore for the poor AC for some reason.
  • I want to be done unpacking.
  • The stairway I prefer sings if you walk up too fast.  (It also smells less of cat wee.)
  • I still love alphabetizing, despite the pain.
  • When I am done unpacking, there will likely be fewer bruises.  I sincerely hope.
  • It is unfortunately likely that I will fall down the stairs at some point; it will then be rather difficult to navigate the labyrinth I have made out of this apartment.  (High priority: getting bed frame put together, so I can finish shifting and unpacking, so there will be enough clear space for me to negotiate with a cast, should the need arise.)
  • I have a freezer again, and it is marvelous.  Once I clean off the stove, I can even make use of the freezer's few inhabitants.
  • I still can't hang things straight.
Signing off clutching my checklists,

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