19 April 2011

I'd rather be crooked

If V8 keeps your diet straight, I'd rather be crooked.  That stuff is just nasty.

I feel that I must disclose that I am not unbiased.  I had a tomato soup-related trauma in my youth, and, ever since, I can't stand drinking tomato anything.  I was looked upon as an alien at college because I was the only one who didn't think tomato soup and grilled cheese day (approximately once a week) was the best day ever.  I was able to conquer my distaste of cheese enough to occasionally eat the sandwich, but I felt slightly nauseated even being in the cafeteria with that smell everywhere.

So why am I drinking it?  Eh, there's a kind with a ton of fiber in it, and it's healthy.  (It definitely tastes of Aggressive Healthy yuck.)  And tomato sludge.  And beets.  Did I ever tell you my sad, beet-related food poisoning trauma?  I feel a bit bad for the beets; they had nothing to do with it, really . . .

Anyway, I'd rather be crooked, but I'm drinking it anyway because it's the Right Thing to Do.  Pardon me while I go gargle with mouthwash to banish the foul taste of rightness.

Are there any food-related traumas in your past that you have or haven't overcome as an adult?


  1. To answer your last question, no... No food related traumas..

    Well, one. My father would always go to McDonalds for breakfast. Every single morning, and would always get us the same things. It's not an experience I like to think about much, since it speaks to so many of the things that weren't good about him as a parent.

    So I don't go to McDonalds.. But it's MCDONALDS, for goodness sake. I wouldn't hardly go anyway! It's nasty.

    One other question:
    How does one have a tomato related food trauma,? Unless it was good poisoning :x

  2. Nah, most of my food poisoning has been chicken or lettuce-related . . .

    You know how sometimes you just really don't want to eat something, and your parents turn it into a Thing? Me vs. tomato soup. No leaving the table until I finished it. Never recovered . . . :)