30 July 2015

About resting badly

for Liz, who is probably right

"You're doing it
wrong," she says
on Facebook in what
I imagine is the aggrieved-
affectionate tone the
Bloggess' long-suffering
husband Victor uses
when he says it to
her.  I think she's right
because other people
would not encourage
resting so much if it
did as much damage
to them as it somehow
does to me.  Does
anyone know where
I could learn how to
safely rest?  Are there
classes for this sort
of thing?  I can't see
the solution as: stop
resting because being
exhausted is bad
enough, but it's worse
when I add resting-
related injuries to the 
mix.  There must be 
a way for me to learn 
how to rest more 
safely.  Maybe
if I practiced it 
as often as I am 
supposed to, I 
would be 
at it?
It can't

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