30 June 2013

another weekend

Now ends another weekend
when I didn't catch up on email,
didn't write enough, didn't read
enough, didn't sleep enough,
didn't make it to church, didn't
do enough research, didn't
cross enough things off the list,
did spend time with loved ones,
did get a bit sunburned, did have
ice cream, did the dishes AND
the laundry, did exercise and
watch clouds and play with kids
and think too hard about things
while reading a book that didn't
have the depressing ending I
was expecting


  1. AND you got your pretty new blue bike adjusted.

  2. New to me and such a lovely blue! (Didn't include it in the role because it's not something I did. Thanks again to your handy man. : )

    If only I could make the handlebars magically levitate up another 5 inches, it might be closer to perfect. Then again, who am I to be calling the kettle black, here. It is an improvement over the old one, so I'll gladly take it!