13 October 2012

Lies my fortune cookies told me

You are strong
and sensitive.
                                                    (possibly in a parallel universe)

You believe in
the fundamental goodness
of people.
                                                    (only in dreams, fortune cookie)

Others recognize
your sweet nature.
                                                    (when they see it hiding at its
                                                     vacation home in Switzerland)
You have an excellent
capacity for making people feel
at home.
                                                    (if said people normally make
                                                     their homes alone in
                                                     book-lined caves, not that I
                                                     could possibly judge them
                                                     for that)


  1. Thank you so much for your comments; it really makes a difference to know that someone is reading. I think the last two fortune cookies, at least, are true.

    Your poetry is very thoughtful.

  2. Thanks for your comment, as well, and your blog, which is also thoughtful. : )

    Fortune cookies are such a fun source of inspiration/found poetry for me that they have their own label on this blog. Good times. ( :