18 May 2012

how should I pray

Now that
  • you are freed from this burden you never asked for,
  • you are bereft of the doomed life within you,
  • I can't pray for a miracle anymore,
how should I pray for you?


  1. Those days after his birth were the hardest I have ever experienced. I think his dad might say the same thing.

    As I read these for the first time (as we approach his first birth anniversary), I am so thankful for your tributes, Dear Friend. No, it's not a pleasant topic. No one who doesn't have to go through such pain (and there are many kinds) ever wants to even consider the possibility of doing so. I can't imagine being in the medical profession.

    To answer your question, God led you in your prayers. He still does. The pain still comes, hard and long, late at night, when I'm tired and lonely and very emotional (partially due to the hormones from the wonderful miracle of his brother growing safely inside me).

    Thank you so much for granting us your love and prayers - then, now, ever. You are such an inspiration. I hope you know how God is using your pain to impact others now and to leave a legacy for future pain-walkers.

  2. I think I am going to have to steal the phrase "for future pain-walkers" because it is lovely. :) Thank you for your comments. And I continue to pray for you both; you certainly inspired me, as well.