23 January 2012

The joy of moving cubicles

Oh, the joy of moving cubicles!  Packing things up, sorting through things, rediscovering things, throwing things away, recycling things, putting things in new places where this time, for sure, you are going to remember where they are really.  Arranging things so that from the point of view of people passing by, you look clean and organized (as long as you don't leave the overhead bin with all your plushies open).  There's something refreshing about doing this (and not just because I am leaving behind my old place next to the Noisy Neighbor.

Do you feel this sense of shedding old skin and donning new when you move desks/offices/cubicles?


  1. I've only done it once, and I'm currently one of only two help desk people with a dedicated cube which doesn't face the main walkway. So I don't really want to move anywhere.

    I think, though, your cube has a lot more of your stuff. Since I'm almost the only one with a cube, it seems rude (and would look out of place) to personalize it too much.

    But I hope you found some good stuff!

  2. I found lots of papers to recycle. : ) And one of those gripper things you can use to open bottles.