06 September 2011

Speaking of discouraging . . .

I should be used to this. 
I shouldn't be disappointed. 
I shouldn't let it reduce me to tears of frustration and hurt. 
Not again. 

But how do you get used to the people who are supposed to help you instead treating you with suspicion and threatening you on top of apparently being unable to actually help you?  I mean, I would hate life if I had their jobs, too, but do they really need to be this mean when they're dealing with people in pain and not sleeping well and not thinking straight and alone and in need of help?  Really? 

Maybe it's part of their job descriptions and they are actually doing their jobs.

What a discouraging thought.


  1. Ah, I should be more precise with my language. Alone = "alone in this particular battle because OWCP refuses to talk to anyone but the injured party and are the only people who can help me get treatment but are not doing so". :)