05 March 2011

A socking development

Why do all my socks die in batches?  It's like they all just decide they've had enough at the same time, and suddenly, I have a lot of new rags. 

I hate getting new socks because they're like new towels: they're all fluffy and have all this excess cottony energy.  I hate wads of cotton collecting in weird places in my shoes.  And it takes forever to get all the excess worn away.  And then, soon after that, they die.  Sad.

I wonder if the socks would last longer if I didn't just buy the cheapest socks I can find?


  1. Yes, they would. And non-cheapo socks wouldn't fuzz everywhere in the first place, either.

    It's like Vimes and the Ramkins' shopping strategies.

  2. Heheh. And I don't have Vimes' excuse about needing to feel the cobblestones because of being a cop . . . :) Do you have any brand recommendations for white 100% cotton socks that aren't yucky?

  3. I usually get the Sonoma brand socks at Kohl's. They're thin-ish cotton, don't know if it's 100%.

  4. I need 100% cotton. Alas. The search continues. :)