26 January 2011

Confirmation that I am a young fogey

When I got back home after the holidays, I had a lot of mail waiting for me.  Menards was having a big sale.  I sat on my floor drooling over . . . the recliners.  Yes, rocking recliners in at least one non-hideous color!  I wanted one soooooo bad. 

No matter that I
  • couldn't justify it in my budget
  • couldn't transport it from the store
  • couldn't actually fit it in my little 385 square foot cave. 
I wantssssss ittttttt.  So soft and rocky and lovely.  I could make it fit.  I could drag it home with a rope.  Rocky and soft.  My own, my precious . . .

Sometimes I hate being a practical adult with a modicum of self control.


  1. You know, one of these days, you could probably consider a living space that suited your needs better. One that would fit a rocking recliner. Personally, I would desperately love to own a nice couch.

  2. Oooh, a couch. Some day . . .

    A living space that suited my needs better appears likely to become affordable in about 10 years, after I've crawled out from under this monster pile of debt. Until then, I shall make do with my cozy cave and my frozen library. Somehow. :)